Twilight Adulting: Harsh Welcome

This is for those who were introduced to the real world late in the game. For those who were told that “the world was theirs if they wanted it”. This is for the individuals who’s parents covered them from the harsh realities of the world. 

Yes, these are for (no matter the circumstance) my fellow sheltered brethren… 

It’s not the easiest feeling in the world knowing that in a rather cold, manipulative, first come first serve kind of world you don’t how to function. The first time you hear about state & federal taxes may have you scratching your head. It might be intimidating knowing that your likelihood falls on you to provide for yourself. 

Let’s not even mention young parents who bit the forbidden fruit and was shown the real world like women on Maury who just found out the guy they were 1000% sure was the father is not. 

It’s a lot of us out there who’s introduction to the real world was baptism by fire. For whatever the circumstance, it just doesn’t seem fair. Why should you have to deal with a hand you never dealt? Why should you be put in a position you never asked to be in? 

Unfortunately, that is how life goes sometimes. You’re never always in the greatest position and many times you may be unprepared for what’s about to happen. There’s a silver lining however: Just because you might not have been ready doesn’t mean you can’t learn now. You have the power, as you are, to do two things that will be the bread & butter of learning & conquering life. 

1. Learn: you’re never too young, old, or damaged to learn. 

2. Apply: take everything you’ve learned/are learning and practice it until it becomes second nature. 

They say life doesn’t come with instructions. Consider this a guide from someone who understands the feeling of waking up all of a sudden in a world that I didn’t understand. 

Hopefully you’ll follow my journey and you can share your own stories because we’re all trying to get to the same place aren’t we? 

So a toast to all of the late bloomers, late registrations, and those who just got the short end of the stick. 

This is our journey: Twilight Adulting


Author: acegadsden

Est. 93'| Taurean Male| Dad| USN| Hospital Corpsman Your Persuasion can Build a Nation but My Desire can Build an Empire.

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