Freestyle Fatherhood: Single Father

I love my son & daughter, but I hate the questions people ask about them. 

I love being their father, but I hate the questions people ask me about being a single father. 

Not all of the questions are the equivalent to nails on a blackboard. Some are asked out of obligation to the person’s occupation, and some are asked out of genuine love and concern. Then there are the others who ask for “curious minds” (nosey) and for reasons to gossip. Being a single father is simply sitting in an everlasting interview. Some get to the point to where they can answer the questions before they’re asked. 

It’s easier to talk about single mothers because we talk about single mothers everyday. The ratio of single mothers is much higher than single fathers so we sometimes (a lot of times) get overlooked. No, (before anyone starts) this is not to bash single mothers, this is to simply to let you look at the world through the eyes of a single father. 

As a single mother you may get questions like “How many kids do you have?” “Do they all have the same father?” “Are you assisted by the government (welfare)?” For me the questions were “How many kids do you have?” “Do you pay child support?” Do you just have them for the weekend?” Why do you have custody?” “Where’s their mother?” 


Author: acegadsden

Est. 93'| Taurean Male| Dad| USN| Hospital Corpsman Your Persuasion can Build a Nation but My Desire can Build an Empire.

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